It is difficult to classify walks to simple categories. Variables of terrain and conditions underfoot, weather, pack weight, distance between suitable campsites etc. combine with personal fitness and experience to make any grading (or perception given) only a guideline for choosing a walk. Even so, expectations and experiences do vary greatly between individuals and our gradings are relative between Tasmanian walks. Itcan help to read widely and please ask questions if unsure.
We’ve listed a general description (below) of grades used in the guided walks listed on the site, they will also apply to other areas and be included and expanded in custom itineraries. These grades are summary of our thoughts as to the grading and what constitutes ‘easy, moderate and challenging’.


Easy listed walks are on formed tracks and within time-frames designed to allow a wide range of participation. Some regular exercise routine will undoubtedly help with enjoying the walk though generally no technical skills should be required. While sections may be steep, muddy or rough underfoot, these sections will be short and with no extreme exposure at height necessary. These factors in mind; the walks are suitable for first time walkers. We offer these tours at more a ‘holiday pace’ and set the itinerary and also plan light pack weights to match. For those wanting a bit more of a challenge these walks often have optional side-walks, which may be at a more difficult level.


Moderate level walks are generally as above though the necessary distances could be longer. The tracks may be more poorly defined and/or adverse conditions may be needed to be endured for longer between sheltered areas. A walk may be graded easy/ moderate if there are a range of easier/harder days in the mix. They may also include higher altitude passes or be graded moderate with shorter day-length (i.e., an easy walk may be graded with some moderate element if undertaken outside of summer). For walks at moderate level some prior experience is an advantage though they should be still suitable for fit first timers, we look closer at and discuss related experience in gathering booking details. Some small portion of the food supplies may need to be shared amongst participants and this will be reflected in the pack weight (mentioned in individual walk descriptions).


Challenging grades from above though also applies track walks over more remote, difficult, steep or exposed terrain as well as exploratory walks and those following routes rather than marked tracks. Steep, overgrown (scrubby) and/or longer muddy sections should be expected and some exposure to height may be encountered (though still expected to be of a non-technical /climbing nature). It will normally be necessary to carry full packs with several kilos of food supplies included for longer walks. While still an easier/lighter option with an organised group it is expected that at least an intermediate level of walking experience as well as some with off track and exposed conditions will be necessary. Walks at the more extreme end of the ‘Challenging’ category will generally be full pack carrying (self contained) expeditions and may need documented experience (either from participation in one of our easier walks or from other sources). More detailed descriptions of challenges/challenging sections will be included in custom/tailored itineraries.