South Coast Track

9 Days, 8 Nights

$3, 500



Walk Grade: Moderate/Hard

Our South Coast Track tour is truly an ‘expedition’. A spectacular flight from Hobart and over the route begins a real appreciation of this wild and remote wilderness. Our walk departs from historic Melaleuca Inlet (on Bathurst Harbour). Over the next nine days from here, 80km to Cockle Creek, we traverse an amazing variety of landscapes. White sandy beaches, rainforests and mountain streams as well as sub-alpine, perhaps snow covered heath to an altitude of over 1000 meters. The route has a rich history of both traditional and colonial influence and passing through an array of habitats with rare and unusual flora and fauna, the journey is a real ‘immersion’.

The terrain can be challenging. The walking days are not excessively long (average 4/5 hours) and we plan a rest day. Some sections involve steep ascents and rain can make others boggy or add delays at the various creek/river crossings. That said, there are also long stretches of easier track and beach walking and, with our guidance, the walk is suitable for those with little experience with a solid level of fitness and perseverance. The accomplishment and experience are well worth the effort.

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