Wilderness Expeditions Pty Ltd are a locally owned private company founded in 2007, an association at the time between several long-standing guides and industry professionals. We initially  offered winter ‘snowshoe-treks’ and summer six-day itineraries on the Overland Track. We have since expanded our services, (2013) adding ‘self-guided’ options for popular tracks and (2019/20) the first four-day “Overland Express’ tour.

Our Tours
The aim is to allow you to just focus on making the most your time. Experienced guides, modern light-weight gear included, and wholesome meals carried and catered . These are by far the easiest/lightest possible camping option for well-trodden popular walks. We can also make access to more remote or rugged locations much simpler in the planning and provisioning.

Our Tour Leaders
Guides are chosen for their ability to provide a safe, fulfilling and enjoyable experience. They invariably have a solid base of outdoor skills and an affinity with Tasmania’s natural environment. We also look for leaders with patience and empathy.mixed with physical stamina and a sense of humour, so it’s a rarified mix.

Rather than subjecting our guides to a collection of public profiles, perhaps unrelated to your particular walk, just ask if you want to know which particular guides will lead you and know more about their qualification.

Environmental Protection
We foster and value a strong commitment to protecting the areas we visit, our guides reflect this by upholding minimal impact ‘Leave No Trace’ ethics and practices on behalf of the company. As a company, we continue to implement measures (above those required) to protect the areas in which we operate, and revise our operations as necessary. We also provide sponsorship support to local environmental projects and services through direct donation of funding or promotion. We see this as a tangible way to demonstrate the privilege we feel as operators in such special places.

Equipment Options
Our camping tour groups carry the lightest packs! Equipment options are carefully researched to provide the most modern, high quality and lightweight gear, continuously upgraded. Everything (practicable) is provided. In the extreme, and a bit uncomfortable but you can turn up with as little as sturdy footwear (socks and set of underwear preferably) (see our equipment lists)  In outfitting this way, we ensure that everyone is equipped to at least the same level regardless of experience (or options are at least made available for what you may already own and choose to bring/compare).

Trekking doesn’t mean no fresh food. We use a mix of fresh vegetables, cheeses etc with dried, often local organic ingredients and can cater for most diets. You’ll be provided with the opportunity to have input into the menu if you are on a diet.

Following your walk we can assist with general advice or for your purchase of any gear we have access to. We can also either offer a discount on other walks or put together a self-guided itinerary if you have other private walks in mind, that are within your (perhaps new-found) capabilities.

Wilderness Expeditions Pty Ltd align with ‘truth in advertising’ standards.