Our People:

Our guides have a very specific yet diverse skillset. They all have extensive experience in the Tasmanian wilderness and the physical aptitude that such a workplace demands.  They are also amateur chefs, botanists, geologists, historians, physiotherapists, motivational speakers, storytellers, coaches and (very amateur) comedians. Despite their varied personalities, all our guides have incredible patience, empathy and a genuine desire to help you experience the places that mean so much to them. There will be two guides on all Wilderness Expeditions tours.

Our Gear:

Our gear list has been fine-tuned through decades of experience and experimentation in Tasmanian conditions. We use high-end, lightweight products that strike the perfect balance between weight, functionality and comfort.

Accommodation for most of our tours is in tents. We offer either double or single tents.

The only gear you need to bring is footwear, some clothing (socks, underwear, base layers, fleece), toiletries and any personal items. We provide the rest.

On most tours, by closely following our recommended gear list and taking minimal additional items, it is possible to get your pack weight down to below 10kg (without water). We do not expect you to carry any food apart from personal snacks (with the exception of some more challenging walks such as the South Coast Track).

Our Food:

Despite our emphasis of staying lightweight, the food we provide is not the freeze-dried grey goo commonly eaten by bushwalkers, but “real” food that is nutritious, tasty and comforting. We carry in plenty of fresh luxuries such as cheese, bacon, butter and vegetables, and combine them with energy-dense staples and some dehydrated ingredients to create delicious meals. Each day you will be given breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, along with snacks, tea, hot chocolate and real coffee.  We can easily cater for common diets such as vegetarian, vegan and gluten free.

Our Practices:

Wilderness Expeditions believes that adventure companies cannot undermine the thing they most rely on: the wilderness. Protecting the wilderness means not only employing impeccable environmental and minimal impact practices, but also protecting the intangible essence of “the wild”. By building the infrastructure and facilities to provide a more luxurious experience of our untamed places, the wild inevitably becomes a bit less wild. We are committed to minimising our impact on the wild by running traditional bushwalking experiences that use existing public infrastructure, operate within numbers limitations and use leg-power rather than helicopters to supply our trips.  “Luxury” is an anathema to the reality of wilderness; however comfort is not. Our trips are designed to make the wilderness more comfortable, accessible and affordable without compromising its essence.

Wilderness Expeditions is a corporate member of the Tasmanian Wilderness Guides Association, a body that represents adventure guides and advocates for more responsible use of wilderness areas within the industry.

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