Wilderness Expeditions

Wilderness Expeditions (Pty Ltd) offer a range guided walking tours and provide professional support for private expeditions exploring the national parks of Tasmania. Other services include transport charters, retail sales  and we also maintain a comprehensive hire equipment stable.

Wilderness Expeditions is a locally owned private company founded in 2007, an association between several long-standing guides and industry professionals. We initially filled a niche for six day itineraries on the Overland Track and pioneering winter snowshoe treks to several locations.We have since expanded services into other parks and with other options, most recently (since 2013) adding ‘self-guided’ possibilities for popular tracks.

Our Guided Tours

We offer a comprehensive service allowing you to just focus on making the most your time. Experienced guides, modern light-weight gear and wholesome meals as well as meticulous planning and support. These are by far the easiest/lightest possible option for well-trodden popular walks but also make access to more remote locations much simpler in the planning, enjoying the holiday without the additional effort and time.

Our Tour Leaders

Tour Leaders (guides) are the mainstay or our operations and will be the staff most directly involved in your particular tour. They are chosen for their ability to provide a safe, fulfilling and enjoyable experience. As well as having a solid base of outdoor skills and an affinity with Tasmania’s natural environment, we look for those who demonstrate an empathy with people from all walks of life.

Guides come from a variety of backgrounds; some have many years, even decades of local knowledge. Some have specialist skills related to a more specific aspect of the environment, often tertiary qualifications in various natural sciences. Others have direct experience from working elsewhere in guiding operations or for the park service (with current and former staff also employed as track rangers on some walks).  Above all, as you could probably imagine, our guides invariably have a love for wild Tasmania and like nothing better than spending time with like-minded people.