Remote Area Bushwalking

We operate under permits to allow access to all Tasmania’s national parks and other publicly reserved lands. As such we can organise walks into some of the most remote Tasmanian ‘back-country’. While including some very popular, well trodden, tracks and routes, such as The Arthur Ranges, some of these areas are quite environmentally fragile to the impacts of too many visitors. In alignment with the park service walking track strategy (and conditions),  and collective ethics, we don’t promote such walks through direct commercial advertising. Instead we encourage you to express an interest in an area or unlisted walk, track or route. Perhaps you may have read a description or seen a photograph. If you are looking for ideas you’ll find guidebooks, forums and blog sites discussing remote Tasmanian bushwalking. Some references are listed in our links on the FAQ page.

These walks are normally operated on quote and an ‘all-inclusive’ basis (similar to listed tours, sometimes with a portion of the food weight and work load distributed between participants as necessary). Depending on the location we may also provide, or find necessary, a more self-sufficient approach providing guides only i.e., a full pack carrying/ expeditionary. With your experience in mind, we are happy to organise small party group bookings or sometimes arrange for you to join/coordinate with other singles or small groups. If you have an area in mind please contact us to express interest and we’ll discuss feasible itineraries matched to your needs.

Please contact us to discuss location and dates regarding these walks. – You can outline a preliminary itinerary in the comments section.