***We are unable to offer transport for the 2021-22 season***

Devonport to or from

Cradle Mt $260/3 $300/4 $340/5 $380/6+
Walls of Jerusalem  $300/3  $340/4  $380/5  $420/6+
Lake St. Clair  $410/3  $450/4  $500/5  $540/6+
Frenchman’s Cap  $440/3  $480/4  $525/5  $560/6+

Launceston to or from

Cradle Mt  $330/3  $370/4  $410/5  $450/6+
Walls of Jerusalem  $330/3  $370/4  $410/5  $450/6+
Lake St. Clair  $420/3  $440/4  $480/5  $520/6+
Frenchman’s Cap  $445/3  $485/4  $525/5  $565/6+
Scotts Peak  $500/3  $540/4  $580/5  $620/6+

Lake St Clair to or from

Cradle Mt $450/3  $520/4  $575/5  $600/6+


Availability Enquire

**All Tranport Service bookings are suspended for the 21 /22 season**

Our transport service operates state-wide with a 12 seat coach and 7 seat 4WD van. We can get you almost anywhere whether a bushwalking trail-head or parks and reserves access for other outdoor pursuits.

We run ‘on demand’ with a minimum payment including up to three passengers for popular routes (see above). If you don’t have three, and would like to save some expense, we may be able to add you to an existing group. We combine groups for the cost, so if we already have or find others by the departure date, the cost is spread / refunded to those who have booked earlier.

  • Prices above Include 1/2 hr delay (for shopping stops etc)*
  • Free baggage storage (with drop off/pick-up bookings)
  • Free vehicle storage (at our Devonport depot.)
  • 230g butane/isobutane gas screw top canisters available (+$5 each)

Payments are required (based on group size) at the time of booking. Any deductions that apply if you (or we) increase your group size will be given in refund on the departure date.

If you want a private group booking or you want to go somewhere not listed, we can offer a quote.

*standby rate for delays over 1/2 hr at any location or at the end of your walk (currently $28.50 p/h pro-rata).