Our wilderness transport service operates state-wide with a 12 seat coach and 7 seat 4WD van. We can get you almost anywhere whether a bushwalking trail-head or access for other outdoor pursuits.

We run ‘on demand’ with a minimum payment due for three passengers. Obviously this can be relatively expensive for small groups or if traveling solo, so for a more economical alternative, we recommend contacting us as soon as you have dates in mind. Our expenses are spread (and therefore the cost goes down) the more passengers we take, and we can see what is available around your preferred dates with others booked.


Please just ask as we have others booking and numbers change daily. these are the maximum  price samples for new bookings on the more popular routes:

Devonport to/from

Cradle Mt $290/3 $360/4 $400/5 $420/6+
Walls of Jerusalem  $320/3  $360/4  $400/5  $420/6+
Lake St. Clair  $410/3  $450/4  $500/5  $540/6+
Frenchman’s Cap  $440/3  $480/4  $525/5  $560/6+

Launceston to/from

Cradle Mt  $330/3  $420/4  $460/5  $480/6+
Walls of Jerusalem  $330/3  $400/4  $450/5  $480/6+
Lake St. Clair  $420/3  $480/4  $540/5  $580/6+
Frenchman’s Cap  $445/3  $500/4  $555/5  $590/6+
Scotts Peak Dam  $495/3  $540/4  $600/5  $660/6+

Lake St Clair To/From

Cradle Mt $450/3  $520/4  $575/5  $600/6+




Other areas booked on quote including a price per klm plus waiting time*. We try to be fairly flexible with routes, stop offs (last minute shopping etc) and can drop some at different destinations/pickup points.

Payments are required (based on group size) at the time of booking. Any deductions that apply if you (or we) increase your group size will be given in refund on the departure date. If you cancel we need to deduct a 15% administration fee, an additional 50% in the final 48hrs prior to departure.

*nominal in quote plus standby rate for delays over 1/2 hr at any location or at the end of your walk (currently $28.50 p/h pro-rata).