Overland Track will have you trek over land, forest and mountains

I recently got back from a 6 day hike with our guides Ben and Blair and the whole experience was fantastic. The track is extremely well developed with certain camps that we stopped at, so the pace is well defined and easy to map out; the website does a good job in describing the route. The journey itself was relatively mild, with the first day being the most difficult. Ben, Blair and Paul did their best to make sure everyone was taken care of. They had good equipment that you could borrow for the track which came in handy as I came with very little! The overall experience was great and the guys did their best to cater to everyone, even when the skies opened and it rained on us for hours and hours on end; they still had smiles, jokes and they were more than willing to make some much needed hot beverages! I highly recommend the Overland Track and if you're looking for a tour guide, look no further Domar, London, UK