5 Days – –Walk Grade: Easy/Moderate

Sentinel of Tasmania’s south west wilderness, Frenchmans Cap dominates a wild landscape of pristine lakes and impossibly jagged peaks.  At 1446m ‘The Cap’ towers above the iconic Franklin River (crossed on the first/last day) and offers up extensive views of some of Tasmania’s most remote wilderness. In itself, with its quartzite bulk and sheer eastern face it is quite simply, awesome!

‘Frenchmans’ is a journey with a destnation, where the rewards are well worth the effort. We take five days to best appreciate the area, attempt a climb to the mountain summit (weather dependent) and explore the surrounding ridges and lakes. The 46km track does represent more of a physical challenge with some steep approaches though is suitable for most with a reasonable level of fitness.



Frenchman's Cap

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Details and Pricing

Summer (December-April)
Grade: Moderate/Hard

  • Five days walking, four nights camping
  • Pick-up Launceston 8am returns early evening on the final day
  • Average pack weight 11/13kg
  • All inclusive pricing (inc. domestic travel, planning,
    equipment, guides and catering)

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Frenchman’s Cap

$1725/ per person

    Alternative Date: (Please suggest a range of choices if possible, especially for singles and smaller groups)



    Map Sheet Tasmap 1:50000 ‘Frenchmans Cap Map And Notes’
    South West Tasmania – John Chapman
    Frenchmans Cap – Story of a Mountain – Simon Kleinig


    Day One
    Distance: 7 km
    Estimated Time: 2.5 – 3 hours

    Following outfitting at our tour base we transfer to the trail-head off the Lyell Highway around a half hour west of St Clair. We will have lunch along the way. We cross the Franklin River (suspension bridge) and make our way over the Franklin Hills and down onto the Loddon Plains. Depending on progress we choose one of several campsites for the first evening.


    Day Two
    Distance: 12 km
    Estimated Time: 4 hours

    The previous afternoon has set us up for an early crossing of the Loddon Plains and by lunchtime we are normally close to higher ground. In the afternoon the climb up through Philps Lead and down to Lake Vera sees us arriving early enough to choose from some great campsites along the shore.


    Day Three
    Distance: 4 km
    Estimated Time: 3 hours

    From Lake Vera we head up to Barron Pass and the scenery over the remote South west continues to get more impressive the further we go. Skirting Sharlands Peak and the top of Artichoke Valley, Lake Tahune is reached in the early afternoon. Later in the afternoon we may have our first opportunity for the climb to the cap summit, weather permitting.


    Day Four
    Distance: 4 km
    Estimated Time: 3 hours + summit + side walks

    If we have been delayed (or prevented) in reaching the summit the previous afternoon an early start gives a second opportunity. Other (or additional) options on this day include an amble along the ridges and visits to the lakes perched around the higher peaks. In the afternoon we retrace our route back to Lake Tahune then on to Lake Vera campsite.


    Day Five
    Distance: 16 km
    Estimated Time: 6 hours

    Return to the Lyell Highway along the route taken on the way in. Well into the traveling routine and off to an early start the return is generally at a more relaxed pace and the opposing view adds interest to the journey. We arrive back to the trail-head in the late afternoon and board the bus back to Launceston/Devonport via the central plateau and lakes.