The Overland Experience (Six Days)

September 29th-     October 05th

October 13th-          October 19th

October| 27th-         November 02nd  (2 left)

November 10th-      November 16th

November 25th –     December 01st

December 08th-      December 14th

December 16th-      December 22nd

December 28th-      January 02nd

January 06th-          January 12th

January 13th-          January 19th

January 20th-          January 26th

January 27th-          February 02nd

February 09th-        February 15th

February 17th-        February 23rd

March 02nd-           March 08th

March16th-             March 22nd

April 10th-               April 16th


The Overland Express (Four Days)

November 13th-       November 17th

December 09th-       December 13th 

December 17th-       December 21st

January 29th-           February 02nd

February 19th-         February 23rd

February 26th-         March 01st

March 04th-              March 08th

March 11th-              March 15th

March 25th-              March 29th


There may be occasional cancellations from tours that are already full and we often add in new dates. The best advice, regardless of group size, is just to please make contact with us, with your preferred dates/number of places needed and we can advise from there..