Our Overland Track tour is available at any time throughout the year for a group of four or more (subject to campsite reservations in summer). Just ask and we will work out a departure date on, or closest to, that which you prefer.

If you don’t have four people we can either add you to a tour which does already have others or alternatively take your booking  for a chosen date and pending us finding others to join you (departures over Dec-March and leaving between Saturday and Tuesday will be most popular).

Here are some Overland tours already with bookings/ enquiries to date, and that you can join now:



September 29th

October 13th | 27th

November 10th | 25th

December 08th | 16th | 28th


January 6th | 13th | 20th

February 3rd | 09th |17th

March 2rd | 16th

April 10th


There may be occasional cancellations from tours that are already full and we often add in new dates. The best advice, regardless of group size, is just to make contact with us, with your preferred dates/numbers and we can work from there.