The Overland Track tour is available at any time throughout the year for a group of four or more. Just ask and we will work out a departure date on, or close to, that which you prefer.

If you don’t have four people to join we can either add you to a tour which does already have four booked or alternatively take your booking¬† pending us finding others (departures over Dec-March and leaving on a weekend will be most popular)

If you don’t have four here are some dates that you can join now (with others booked and places available):

Departs September 29th 2017 2PM | December 08th 2017 2PM| December 9th 2017 7AM (NB: this one is 6 days / $1925ea)

January 05th 2018 2PM | January 15th 2018 2PM | February 13th 2018 2PM | March 09th 2018 2PM  | April 01st 2018 2PM

The best advice, regardless of group size, is just to make contact with your preferred dates/numbers and we can work from there. The booking situation changes daily, especially as summer approaches.